Do you have a semi-truck with a sleeper? If you’re still running your business during the COVID-19, then taking extra precautions is more than necessary for you. sleeper semi-trucks and other commercial trucks carry a lot of goods from one place to another, hence, the chance of transmission is more than ever. This is a sponsored post.

The truck drivers must be wondering how they can protect themselves from the trouble of getting COVID-19. Don’t worry, here are some best tips for you that are gathered from professionals so you can keep yourself safe and sound.

• Stay at home and do not come to the office if you have symptoms.
• Follow all the CDC-recommended steps if you become ill and are tested positive for COVID-19. The recommendations include the period in which you should stay isolated. Meet the local health department or consult a healthcare advisor to take advice on your situation.
• Inform your supervisor and discontinue to come to the office if someone in your family is sick and you’re in contact with them.

• Avoid shaking hands with anyone at the office and keep your vehicle well-ventilated.
• Wear a face cloth mask in public to avoid the transmission of disease. Apart from it, keep a distance of 6 ft. from everyone to keep yourself and them protected. You can also use respirators to filter out the germs and bacteria from the air.
• Make sure to disinfect the places that you frequently touch in the vehicle. For instance, disinfect the temperature controls, driver door handle, dashboard, steering wheel, seat belt and buckle, seat cover, headrest, and others.

• Avoid touching anything out of your truck, especially door handles or other frequently used elements.
• Always stay in hotels that are suggested by your employer and that are taking COVID-19 precautions.
• If you feel fatigued, then it’s best to drink coffee or tea before heading on the road.
• Make sure that you have enough COVID-19 precautionary supplies for you. For instance, keep extra face masks and sanitizer with you along with disinfectants.

In case you’re an employer, here’s what you need to do.

• Give leaves to employees who have symptoms of COVID-19.
• Make sure to give information about COVID-19 and draft a set of precautionary measures for employees.
• Give PPE to drivers including safety glasses, hard hats, vests, and much more for utmost protection against coronavirus.

• Provide alcohol-based sanitizers to hand sanitization to the drivers.
• Make sure to provide trash cans and tissues to all employees.

• Develop strategies to cater to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
• Practice rules and regulations implied by local, state, and the federal government. Make sure that everyone is following the guidelines.

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

During the time of corona when a lot of businesses are suffering, truckers are the ones who have the most to compromise on. With so many precautionary measures in place, it’s absolutely hard for the truckers to perform their duty in the best way. In case you are in search of a semi-sleeper for sale or a Super Sleeper Semi Trucks For Sale , make sure that you’re aware of the COVID-19 situation and the trucker’s market.

Taking all precautions is extremely necessary for both employees and employers to ensure no one gets inflicted by the virus. Although there is no news on the vaccine right now, still the companies are operating while following the necessary SOPs.

Since truckers are always on the road, therefore, it’s necessary for you to take extra precautions. They meet more people and get in touch with a lot of things, which is why they are high on the risk. If you’re facing any symptoms of the coronavirus, then you should immediately take the steps to protect others.


With the COVID-19 not slowing down any sooner, it’s important to consider it a norm now. Truckers come in touch with a lot of people, therefore, they must stay protected at all times.

If you are a trucker and you’re not taking the precautions, then you’re already compromising on your health.

Make sure that your employer is taking the necessary precautions and you are following them by heart. Don’t take it lightly and don’t play with the health of those you love dearly.

Always wear a mask when you are out and keep your hands sanitized to get rid of the virus on the hands.

Disinfecting the interior of the truck is extremely critical and the virus tends to exist on the surface.

Follow all SOPs to keep yourself protected.

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